What is a typical week like for a Cadet? 

Cadets participate in physical training (PT) 3 days a week in the mornings before classes as a group. Physical training may include work outs such as group runs, weight training, ruck marches, or group sports such as basketball or dodgeball.

Cadets attend their MILS class twice a week along with a leadership lab on Thursday afternoons. Cadets also attend their regular classes, participate in clubs and sports, and take part in other activities on and off campus.

If I sign up for MILS, am I committed to the Army?

No, there is no requirement to contract until MILS 3010. You may take the first two years of AROTC with no commitment to serve after.

Why Should I choose Army ROTC over a different service’s ROTC program?

The Army offers a wider range of career opportunities, in more places worldwide, than other U.S. Military services.

Do Cadets wear uniforms everyday?

No, Contracted Cadets are only required to wear uniforms on scheduled class days, other specified days for events, and to PT. Non-contracted Cadets will be given an ROTC polo shirt to wear on scheduled class days.

Can I participate in other organizations and clubs?

Yes! Cadets are encourages to be active in both on and off campus organizations, including greek life, sports teams (Including varsity, club, and IM teams), and service organizations, such as HEROS and UGA Miracle. 

What should parents know about ROTC?

Army ROTC helps your child by combining a solid academic foundation with a eater development program. Cadets learn the principles of leadership, Army history and organization, as well as military field craft. ROTC offers classroom studies, hands-on field experience, and physical training.