The Cadet Experience

The training you receive while enrolled in the University of Georgia Army ROTC program is designed to train and develop students in to scholars, athletes, and leaders. Military Science classes are 3-4 hour credit classes that will prepare you with the tools, training and experiences that will help you succeed in any competitive environment.

The classes consist of two lectures and one leadership lab per week. The classroom lectures cover management, ethics, tactics, law, military history, and Army society while the leadership labs focus on tactical training to include basic rifle marksmanship, rappelling, land navigation, and squad tactical exercises. During classes and field training, you will learn first-hand how to lead others, how to motivate groups, and how to conduct missions as an officer in the Army.

Cadets also conduct physical training (PT) 3 days a week as a group in the mornings. PT sessions are designed to challenge Cadets to push themselves both physically and mentally, while being motivated by their fellow Cadets. PT sessions can include runs around UGAs beautiful campus, weight lifting in UGA's Ramsey student center, combat PT, Combat Water Survival Training, ruck marches, and team sports. PT is a great way for Cadets to stay motivated about physical fitness by having fun and working out with friends.

Army ROTC also has unique clubs, such as Ranger ChallengeColor Guard, and the Scabbard and Blade Society which further contribute to the ROTC training and leadership experience. 

Summer Training 

Each summer, Cadets attend several different summer training opportunities. Between their MS3 and MS4 year, Cadets attend Advanced Camp (AC) at Ft. Knox in Kentucky, where they are assessed on the information and skills they have acquired through ROTC to ensure they are prepared to become officers.
In addition to the training Cadets receive on campus, there are also many opportunities for additional training all over the world. These training opportunities include Airborne SchoolAir Assault SchoolMountain Warfare SchoolCadet Troop Leader Training, and much more.